Update script bash NETOOL.sh stable Version-4.2

Update script bash NETOOL.sh stable Version-4.2

[netool.sh V4.2]
* netool.sh => “added” INURLBR (webcrawler.php by cleiton)
* netool.sh => “added” ‘toolkit_config’ file (config settings in toolkit)
* netool.sh => “added” set variable for temp download folder (/tmp/evil)
* netool.sh => “Improved” toolkit update check function [GIT repo]
* netool.sh => “Improved” SET_AUTO_START_UPDATES (toolkit_config)
* netool.sh => “Improved” script display output [Text User Interface]
* netool.sh => “removed” dd0s javascript attack (ubuntuone website)
* priv8.sh => “added” ‘host a file attack’ automated exploit
* priv8.sh => “added” meterpreter powershell invocation payload [by R3L1K]
* priv8.sh => “Improved” script display output [Text User Interface]
* priv8.sh => “Improved” ‘webshell.php’ payload
* priv8.sh => “Improved” ‘firefox_xpi_bootstrapped_addon’
(added JavaScript AlertBox to phishing webpage).

netool.sh is a script in bash to automate frameworks like Nmap,Driftnet,SSLstrip and ettercap MITM attacks
this script makes it easy tasks such as SNIFFING, MITM, SSLsniff, retrieve metadata, and DoS attacks inside the local network can also perform TCP/UDP packets manipulation using etter.filters also as the hability of capture pictures of web-browser surfing on the target machine uneder MITM attack and preforms a vuln scan to target web-site using websecurify addon…



  • ping target
  • Show Local Connections
  • Show my Ip address
  • Scan Local network
  • Scan remote host
  • execute Nmap command
  • Open router config
  • Ip tracer whois
  • WebCrawler
  • DDoS java Script
  • Retrieve metadata
  • Config ettercap
  • Launch MITM
  • show URLs visited
  • Sniff remote pics
  • Sniff SSL passwords
  • Dns-Spoofing
  • DoS attack {local}
  • Compile etter.filters
  • execute ettercap filter

d. delete lock folders
q. quit


1.extract “opensource.tar.gz” to home folder
2.execute privs:
sudo chmod +x opensource/netool.sh
sudo chmod +x opensource/sslstrip-0.9/sslstrip.py
sudo chmod +x opensource/sslstrip-0.9/setup.py
3.you need to install the follow dependencies:
sudo apt-get install nmap
sudo apt-get install zenmap
sudo apt-get install ettercap
sudo apt-get install ettercap-gtk
sudo apt-get install driftnet
{or execute the script with sudo to auto-install of dependencies}
example: sudo opensource/netool.sh
run netool.sh
sudo opensource/netool.sh

1.extract “opensource.tar.gz” to home folder
2.execute privs:
chmod +x opensource/netool.sh
chmod +x opensource/sslstrip-0.9/sslstrip.py
chmod +x opensource/sslstrip-0.9/setup.py
config netool.sh
edit netool.sh script and look for the rigth path were frameworks
are installed then replace the paths for the rigth ones…
(open terminal and write “locate zenmap” copy path and replace in script)
Path to instalations
(you are going to replace the paths for the rigth ones)
run netool.sh


Download : opensource.tar.gz (20.1MB) Kali Linux : opensource[Kali].tar.gz (96.8kB)
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Read more in here :  http://sourceforge.net/p/netoolsh/wiki/netool.sh%20script%20project/
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