Update PwnSTAR V-8.0 – Pwn_SofT_Ap_scRipt.

[Changes & New featuresPwnSTAR 0.8]:
1. Exploit added – Java Applet Field Bytecode Verifier. Now the old faithful Java Applet has been patched, this has been described as one of the most powerful of the current exploits. 
2. More deauthentication options – MDK3 and airdrop-ng added.

General Features : 

  •     manage interfaces and MACspoofing
  •     set up sniffing
  •     serve up phishing or malicious web pages
  •     launch karmetasploit
  •     grab WPA handshakes
  •     de-auth clients
  •     manage IPtables
Updated feature list:
  • captive-portal with iptables and php
  • more php scripts added
  • exploits added
  • mdk3 and airdrop deauth
Sample screenshoot

backup index to backup directory (no longer overwrites previous backups)
sleeps reduced – runs faster

Instructions for use:
download and untar
copy the hotspot directory into /var/www
set permissions;
hotspot directory:- group www-data, create and delete files
formdata.txt:- group www-data, rw
process-form-data.php:- make executable
leave index.html where it is; PwnSTAR will move it into position

1. For the honey pot we don’t give internet access – set your wlan0 as the AP interface. This is how it goes:

wlan0 00:c0:XXXXXX …( just hitted enter here).
2 You shouldn’t need to create any additional directories once you have moved “hotspot” into /var/www. Your directory setup should look like this:

3. And then running the script (red is your entries):

Try again with it set up like this.

Download :
PwnSTAR_0.8 (53.4 KB)
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Read more in here : http://code.google.com/p/pwn-star/

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