Update PwnSTAR V-0.84 – Pwn_SofT_Ap_scRipt.

UPDATE v-0.84:

  • Added new Java 0day (CVE-2013-0422)
  • Added browser_autopwn
  • Finally fixed the nameserver/dhcpd.conf issues! Should now work whatever the contents of resolv.conf. See from line 707 in the script if you are interested in the parsing.
  • More error checking
  • Fully working on BT5R3

General Features :


backup index to backup directory (no longer overwrites previous backups)
sleeps reduced – runs faster

Instructions for use:
download and untar
copy the hotspot directory into /var/www
set permissions;
hotspot directory:- group www-data, create and delete files
formdata.txt:- group www-data, rw
process-form-data.php:- make executable
leave index.html where it is; PwnSTAR will move it into position

1. For the honey pot we don’t give internet access – set your wlan0 as the AP interface. This is how it goes:

 Pwn Star -Backtrack 5R3 Script

wlan0 00:c0:XXXXXX …( just hitted enter here).
2 You shouldn’t need to create any additional directories once you have moved “hotspot” into /var/www. Your directory setup should look like this:

PwnStar -Backtrack 5 r3 Script

3. And then running the script (red is your entries):

PwnStar Script - Backtrack 5r3 Script

Download :
PwnSTAR_0.84.tgz (461 KB)
PwnSTAR_0.84 (56.3 KB) –> Script – new java 0day, browser_autopwn + bug fixes
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Sources : http://code.google.com/p/pwn-star/
Our post before : http://seclist.us/update-pwnstar-v-8-0-pwn_soft_ap_script.html