Update PwnSTAR V-0.7: EXPLOIT ADDED – Pwn_SofT_Ap_scRipt.

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Changes V-0.7now adding in some of the classic exploits, starting with an evil-PDF. Don’t get too excited; this is mainly for learning purposes. It’s unlikely to work in your local coffee-shop, where most people will have a patched Adobe Reader.

New features in V-0.7:
  • custom dnsspoofing in the basic menu (targeted spoofing for a particular site)
  • Eterm cursor colour changed (more visible on light background)

General Features : 
  •     manage interfaces and MACspoofing
  •     set up sniffing
  •     serve up phishing or malicious web pages
  •     launch karmetasploit
  •     grab WPA handshakes
  •     de-auth clients
  •     manage IPtables

backup index to backup directory (no longer overwrites previous backups)
sleeps reduced – runs faster

Two new www directories to be used from the advanced menu:

1. Portal_hotspot: looks the same as hotspot but uses the new captive-portal system
2. Portal_simple: very plain (less dodgy looking than hotspot?). Allows the splash page name to be changed to whatever you fancy e.g. Joe’s Cybercafe, Goldmann-Sucks Private Net. Set the essid of the AP to match this.

Instructions for use:
download and untar
copy the hotspot directory into /var/www
set permissions;
hotspot directory:- group www-data, create and delete files
formdata.txt:- group www-data, rw
process-form-data.php:- make executable
leave index.html where it is; PwnSTAR will move it into position

Download :
PwnSTAR_0.7 (47.0 KB)
portal_pdf.tgz (300 KB) New webpage: portal_pdf.tgz (contains evil-pdfs, index php, a “virgin” pdf to add your own payload, and a stand-alone payload that will work with the script)
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Read more in here : http://code.google.com/p/pwn-star/