Update PortFusion 1.1 – ayabusa Delivers True Cross-Platform Support and Native Code Performance

Changes V-1.1 :

  • Fixes: Windows XP support
  • New: PortFusion REPL: Main.hs is now completely self-contained and can be used interactively from with GHCi
  • New: Bind to specific IPs
Sample ScreenShot On Windows

PortFusion is a minimalistic, cross-platform, transport-layer distributed reverse / forward proxy for TCP written in Haskell + LLVM and released under GPLv3.

A single package that makes the most of each platform by tapping into their unique capabilities, combining this power with an intuitive interface, beautiful design and Haskell’s excellent support for unprecedented levels of concurrency and parallelism.

It strives for the smallest source code size (< 500 lines) while delivering maximum throughput with near zero overhead.

Features :

  • reverse proxy
  • forward proxy
  • tunneling
  • firewall circumvention
  • supports for all TCP protocols: RDP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, SSH, TELNET, …
  • cross-platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, all BSDs, Solaris
  • short code size: less than 500 lines of source code
  • unified binary for easy deployment
  • no runtime dependencies
  • OS-specific performance optimizations
  • clean design and documentation

Download Version : 
Windows : PortFusion.exe (1.9 MB)
Unix/Linux :
PortFusion-FreeBSD-x86-64.tar.gz (449.3 kB)
PortFusion-Linux-x86-64.tar.gz (466.7 kB)
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Read more In here : https://github.com/corsis/PortFusion#readme