Update Port Groper V-3

Port Groper is an open source denial of service tool written in Java. It works by using proxies as bots.

Typical Port Groper Usage:
1. Can be used to benchmark firewalls for IP banning of DoS attacks to a specific port.
2. Can be used to distort website tracking information (such as Google Analytics).
3. Can be used to distort web-page hits (or hits per day).
4. Can bring down single (non clustered, or poorly clustered) servers.

While Port Groper can be used for DoS attacks; I hold absolutely no responsibility or liability for those that use this tool in such a way.

Port Groper v3 is built with java 6.

  • Proxy communication using proxy lists
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Platform independent
  • Multi-threaded (100% responsive GUI), built according to Swings event model. GUI will not lock-up, even when running.
  • Can spam/flood a website to increase hits and/or distort tracking information
  • Able to deny service on servers without being distributed
  • On the fly user-agent switching
  • Proxy list validation
  • Intuitive configuration and connection statistics
  • There is now an agreement to using this software (non-intrusive). Use of the software implies you’ve read and agree to the agreement.

Download V-3 : PortGroper3.jar (129.8 kB)
Source Code :PortGroper3.7z (104.3 kB)

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