Update PHP mini vulnerability suite/PHPmvs v-4.1

PHPmvs is a simple (maybe not THAT fast) SQLi exploiter, admin panel finder, port scanner, website crawler, webserver fuzzer (DOS) and admin panel finder, mostly for a “fast” scan (you can upload it to your own server and scan multiple sites from there) the only thing you need to make it work is a webserver with PHP and a browser.

Change v-4.1 : is a update on the functions of the detection methods for SQLi

  • PostgreSQL Error-based injection.
  • ORACLE Error-based SQL injection.
  • Error-based SQL injection.
  • Union query SQL injection
  • Multi-parameter detection/injection.
  • Port scanner.
  • Admin panel finder.
  • Website Crawler.
  • Simple Server Fuzzer. (DOS)
  • Directory Traversal.
  • Black background and green font.

Download : PHPmvs_BETA_4.1.php (71.4 kB)
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Source : PhpMVS 
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