Update PHP mini vulnerability suite/PHPmvs v-1.2 Beta

Changes v1.2 : added more references on the webserver vulnerabilities and deleted some stuffs

Written in PHP

PHPmvs is a simple (maybe not THAT fast) SQLi exploiter, admin panel finder, server vulnerability scanner, port scanner and website crawler mostly for “fast” scan (you can upload it to your own server and scan multiple sites from there) the only thing you need to make it work is a webserver with PHP and a browser.


  • Error-based SQL injection.
  • Union query SQL injection
  • Apache version-related alerts.
  • Some apache modules vulnerabilities.
  • PHP version-related alerts.
  • Port scanner.
  • Admin panel finder.
  • Website Crawler
  • Black background and green font.

Download : PHPmvs_BETA_1.2.php (130.0 kB)
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