Update OSAF-TK RC2 – Your one stop shop for Android malware analysis and forensics.

Welcome to OSAF! The OSAF-Toolkit was developed, as a senior design project, by a group of IT students from the University of Cincinnati, wanting to pioneer and pave the way for standardization of Android malware analysis. The OSAF-Toolkit is built from Ubuntu 11.10 and pre-compiled with all of the tools needed to rip apart applications for code review and malware analysis. Our primary goal with the toolkit is to be able to make application analysis as easy as possible. We also wanted to create a community where security professionals, analysts, developers and newcommers can learn, discuss and share methodologies with one another.

Features : 

  • IMPORTANT NEWS !!! As of 03/31/12 , OSAF-TK RC2 is complete. We will upload as soon as we have access to faster internet. Thanks for everyone’s support.. Check back soon to download the latest version!!
  • Thanks to viaForensics for allowing us to distribute their free Android forensics tools in OSAF-TK RC2. You guys rock!
  • OSAF-TK RC2 will be available in the next week or so!!! Keep a look out for the latest release!!
  • updated the android sdk to latest version, updated dex2jar to latest version, working on getting androguard to play nice with the sdk to view dynamic processes.. If anyone has any requests or tools to add to the toolkit feel free to comment under user reviews.
  • Making changes to OSAF-TK. adding native alias’ to the .bashrc file under the root account.. this allows the users to quickly open up programs without cd’ing into directories.
  • READ Carefully: I am not promoting the tool that i am about to describe, however, it can be useful to people who want to analyze applications without using an actual device, but rather through an Android Virtual Device. Go to this link (http://codekiem.com/2012/02/24/apk-downloader/) and find out what this tool does…

Platform : Unix/Linux
Download Latest version  : OSAF-TK RC2.7z (3.3 GB) http://sourceforge.net/projects/osaftoolkit/files/latest/download?source=files
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Read more in here : http://osaf-community.org/