update octopussy v-1.0.7 : Open Source Log Management

Change octopussy (1.0.7) stable
* 4 Services updated
* New Service ‘IBM_Cognos’ created
* Adding no_trans parameter to AAT:Label (1/2)
* Working on Testing Suite
* Now, you can set Contacts fields from LDAP Contacts fields
* Bugfix #3574577: 500 Internal server error because of unknown translation
* Bugfix #3574616: ‘500 Internal server error’ because of invalid devicename
in Device::Parse_Status
* Bugfix #3580468: Alert edition broken
* Bugfix #3584230: Alerts are not sent by XMPP anymore
* Bugfix #328 Report can not be deleted
* Bugfix #179: types.xml updated
* Bugfix #267: Name ‘Win32::Locale::Lexicon’ used only once error messages
* Bugfix #332: Dispatcher stopped
* Bugfix #314: Fixing various LDAP problems
* Bugfix #275: Can’t Save Search Templates
* Bugfixing Servicegroup adding in device_services.asp page
* Fixing minor issues in octo_reporter & octo_scheduler
* Fixing ‘white column’ when there wasn’t Service in device_services.asp page
* Feature Request #1831840: Hide unused Services in Services selector
* Feature Request #3513127: Now you can specify timestamp to start from a
specific date in Logs Wizard and also add a new pattern to a service by
copy/pasting it
* Feature Request #3517497: Better NET_INTERFACE type

Octopussy : Open Source Log Management Solution



  • LDAP supported for Octopussy Users & Contacts
  • Send Alerts by Email, IM(Jabber), NSCA(Nagios) & Zabbix_sender
  • Export Reports by Email, FTP & SCP
  • Create Map to show your architecture
  • Input & Output Plugins for Reports
  • Reports Scheduling
  • ‘RRDTool’ to graph syslog activity
  • Lot of Services already supported: Bind, Cisco Router, Cisco Switch, DenyAll Reverse Proxy, Drbd, F5 BigIP, Fortinet FW, Ironport MailServer, Linux Kernel/System, Linux IPTables, Monit, MySQL, Nagios, NetApp NetCache, Juniper Netscreen FW, Juniper Netscreen NSM, Postfix, PostgreSQL, Samhain, Snmpd, Squid, Sshd, Syslog-ng, Windows Snare Agent, Xen…
  • Wizard to easily create new Message/Service for Unrecognized logs
  • Online Updates for Services, Tables & Multilanguage
  • Multilanguage support

Download version:
octopussy-1.0.7.tar.gz (4.2 MB)
octopussy_1.0.7_all.deb (4.1 MB)
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