Update Network Tool v-3.2

Change v=3.2 :
– added wordlist creator
– cupp.py (common user password profiler)


Netool.sh its a script in bash to automate frameworks like Metasploit, Nmap, Driftnet, SSLstrip, Ettercap, macchanger, webcrawler. This script makes it easy tasks such as SNIFFING, MITM, SSLsniff, Dns-spoofing, retrieve metadata, and DoS attacks inside the external/local network can also perform TCP/UDP packets manipulation using ettercap filters, search for target geolocation, the ‘webcrawler.py’ can search for admin login page, website directorys, webshells.php planted on website, common file upload vulns scanner (LFI), search forXSS vuln websites, and a colection of (metasploit) automated exploits

Features : 

  • Ping remote target or web domain
  • Show Local Connections (see my machine connections)
  • Show my Ip address and arp cache
  • see/change macaddress
  • change my PC hostname
  • Scan Local network (search for live hosts inside local network)
  • search in external lan for hosts
  • Scan remote host (using nmap to perform a scan to target machine)
  • execute Nmap command (direct from shell)
  • Open router config page
  • search for target geo-location
  • Ip tracer whois (open website database whois and geo-location)
  • WebCrawler (open websecurify webcrawler website)
  • DDoS java Script (perform DDoS attacks external network)
  • Retrieve metadata (from a web-domain)
  • Config ettercap (etter.conf))
  • Launch MITM (using ettercap to perform MITM)
  • show URLs visited (by target machine under MITM)
  • Sniff remote pics (by target machine under MITM)
  • sniff SSL-HTTPS logins
  • Dns-Spoofing (redirect web-domains to another ip address)
  • DoS attack (local netwok)
  • Compile etter.filters
  • execute ettercap filter
  • make/encode payloads [metasplit]
  • edit/execute root3.rb on a meterpreter session open
  • start a listener [metasploit]
  • webcrawler
  • r00tsect0r priv8 automated exploits

How To Installation

Download : opensource.tar.gz (1.8 MB)
Kali Linux : opensource[kali].tar.gz(1.8 MB)
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