Update MPGE v-1.3 : a wrapper of msfpayload and msfencode of Metasploit

Change and added tools v-1.3 :

  • Add in a new version Mpge v.1.3.tgz a backdoor.sh

3) Reverse shell with evil script between MacBook and Mac iBook PowerPC G4 -Snow-( Old version with Backbox)

Mpge is a wrapper of msfpayload and msfencode of Metasploit. Is possible use it with Backtrack and Backbox.This wrapper creates trojan horses for Microsoft Windows, Linux,Mac OS X Panther,Tiger Leopard and Lion. For Mac OS X is possible to create a classic reverse shell or creating a reverse shell inserted in a package .pkg or create files .app. I try my program after between two virtual machines: First host Mac Book (black) and second host a virtual Windows XP. Before i use my program between two real Mac OS X:The first Mac Book (black) and the second Mac iBook G4 PowerPC (white)with os tiger. These two Mac were connected on lan(intranet). Mac Book OS X (black) is in listening and expected the reverse shell. The second mac osx Mac iBook G4 PowerPC receive a packet (file .pkg or .dmg) and when the user click on file insert a password as root and activate the reverse shell.The reverse shell with evil script is a game not necessarily succeed quite don’t worry.

5) Iceberg

Features :

  • Testing on iMac Mac OS X Lion and MacBook with wifi wireless connection.
  • Add Option and Status of IP in User Reviews.
  • Add Option Results of IP in User Reviews.
  • Add news informations about version of Mpge v.1.3 in User Reviews.
  • Ported Mpge directly on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3.
  • Test on Mac OS X Mountain Lion in User Reviews.
  • New test with packages .pkg between MacBook and Mac iBook POWERPC G4 “Snow” in User Reviews.
  • Add folder Reverse Shell and Backdoor in a directory Files.
  • Add folder Creation of trojan horse file .app and .dmg in a directory Files.
  • Added release Mpgev1.3.tgz in a directory Files.
  • Upcoming implementations always on Mac OS X relate to test the persistence of the connections (I’ve already found the module but still has to be tested) and mostly the payload always for Mac OS X that implements encrypted connections.

Virus total analysis

Virus Total Analysis Package with evil script

Download version :
Mpge v.1.3.tgz (194.2 MB)
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Resources : http://sourceforge.net/projects/mpge/
Our post before : http://seclist.us/update-mpge-v1-1-a-wrapper-of-msfpayload-and-msfencode-of-metasploit.html