Update Joomla Folder Scanner v-1.0b4

Changelog Version 1.0b4 :

  • Progress indicator in title bar (for windows console and gnome terminal).
  • File lists improved.
  • Now the program waits user input before exit.

Our Post Before : http://www.seclist.us/joomla-folder-scanner-beta-scan-joomla.html

Scan Joomla-Based Websites and detects components, modules, languages, templates and plugins (based on a list), in both, the public and the admin part of the website.
Send your contributions, recommendations and bugs reports creating a ticket.

Platform : Windows – Unux/Linux

Features : 

  • Multithread support, speed up scanning up to 10x faster!
  • Scan admin and public directories.
  • Reveal installed components, languages, modules, plugins and templates.
  • No joomla user or admin access required.
  • Easily customizable.

For personal and educational purposes only.

Database status on JFS:
Components: 35 entries
Languages: 75 entries
Modules: 46 entries
Plugins: 13 entries
Templates: 31 entries

Everyone can help the the project to get better, you just have to send the foldernames of the components/modules/languages/templates or plugins you know to make a more complete filelist, for example:


Send your contributions, recommendations and bugs reports creating a ticket.

Download :
jfs_1.0b4_win.zip (2.7 MB) http://sourceforge.net/projects/joomscanner/files/jfs/1.0b4/jfs_1.0b4_win.zip/download
jfsb4_py3.zip (9.4 kB) http://sourceforge.net/projects/joomscanner/files/jfs/1.0b4/jfsb4_py3.zip/download

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