Update HTTP Test Tool v-2.4.0

Changeslog httest 2.4.0 :
*) httest: Logger with appender concept introduced to be able to add and use
different appenders. Default a standard appender is active.
*) httest: Added colored output in the standard appender.
*) httest: Fixed LOCK command which could lead to deadlock while
SERVER/CLIENT start up, because all three used the same mutex.
*) httest: Removed PROCESS, _PROCESS and the corresponding _PROC_WAIT from
httest. This function are useless and do not work as expected.
*) httest: Command _SOCKET is not used any more and is marked depreciated.
you can remove this command without change your scripts behavour
httest is a script based tool for testing and benchmarking web applications, web servers, proxy servers and web browsers. httest can emulate clients and servers in the same test script, very useful for testing proxys.


  • HTTP server client simulation
  • SSL support
  • IPv6 support
  • Request/response validation
  • Cut and paste from request/response
  • Execute shell commands and use output in HTTP stream
  • url and html encode/decode support
  • charset translation support
  • Lua scripting engine
  • Javascript engine
  • Full ICAP support
  • Websocket support
  • XPath support (for HTML and XML)
  • NTLM authentication tool
  • SOCKS support
  • Simple SMTP support
  • Simple POP3 support
  • Distributed load test support

Download version :
Windows : httest-2.4.0-win.zip (3.4 MB)
MacOs : httest-2.4.0-mac.zip (4.2 MB)
Linux : httest-2.4.0.tar.gz (560.7 kB)
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sources : http://htt.sourceforge.net/
our post before : http://seclist.us/update-http-test-tool-v-2-2-13.html