Update Enema v1.7 – SQLi and Web Attack Framework

Enema is not auto-hacking software for script kiddies. This is dynamic tool for professional pentesters.

 Whats new V1.71:
Added custom plugins support.

  •         Multi-platform.
  •         User-friendly graphical interface.
  •         Multithreaded.
  •         Dump.
  •         Customise your queries
  •         Create your custom plugins to automate attacks

Enema (SQL Injection Tool) – Plugins overview

    Supported :
POST, GET, Headers (User-Agent, Cookie, Referer, X-Forwarded-For, Custom Header …)
MSSQL >=2000 and MySQL>=5.0

Injection methods :

  •         Error based injection.
  •         Union based injection (using subquery).
  •         Blind (time and boolean based)

Downlaod Version :