Update DLR_DOS V-2.5

DLR DoS is a tool to make DoS attacks.
More information about DoS attacks: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial_of_Service.
The tool makes a (D)DoS attacks to any IP address,with a user selected port and a user selected protocol.

Platform : WIndows

DLR DoS is in my tests a little more powerful as loic (low orbit cannon).
The reason is that I’ve left out gadget devastating performance (eg request counter and TCP HTTP UDP message) and other things.

Features :

  • Normal DoS attack mode. (TCP/HTTP/UDP)
  • Testmode will show you how many seconds you Computer needs for 10000 requests.
  • DoS attack with a TCP/HTTP/UDP message
  • GUI and easy to use.

Download latest Version 2.5: DLR_DOS_2.5.exe (329.7 kB) 
Source code : DLR_DoS_2.5_SourceCode.zip (6.4 MB)
Read more in here : http://www.peppersoft.net/