Update DLR_Dos V-2.4

DLR DoS is a tool to make DoS attacks.
More information about DoS attacks: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial_of_Service.
The tool makes a (D)DoS attacks to any IP address,with a user selected port and a user selected protocol.

Platform : Windows

DLR DoS is in my tests a little more powerful as loic (low orbit cannon).
The reason is that I’ve left out gadget devastating performance (eg request counter and TCP HTTP message) and other things.

DLR DoS have 3 modes:

-Test Mode
-Normal DoS attack mode (No request counter and TCP HTTP message because of performance )
-DoS attack with a TCP/HTTP Message

Features :

  • Normal DoS attack mode.
  • Testmode will show you how many seconds you Computer needs for 10000 requests.
  • DoS attack with a TCP/HTTP message
  • GUI and easy to use.

Download Latest Version : DLR_DOS_2.4.exe (329.2 kB)
Source Code : DLR_DoS_ 2.4_SOURCECODE.zip (6.7 MB)
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Read more in here : http://www.dlr-programme.jimdo.com/