Update ASProxyWing v-0.8.5

Changelog Version 0.8.5 alpha 2012/07/07 :
* This version is not compatible with previous versions.
* Client:
* New: Allow remote computers to connect to the proxy.
* Change: Server health check range is increased.
* Fix: Some application crashes.
* Fix: Minor bug fixes.
* Server:
* Change: Dramatically increased performance for server by a breaking change to used AES encryption algorithm. The update will be required for both client and server.
* Change: Disable IIS7 custom error overridation.
* Fix: Long lived bug to display bad error message for lost connection.
* Fix: Download broken error messages.
* Fix: Some server craches.ASProxyWing is a handy, easy to use client / server desktop distributed proxy, which works as a HTTP-tunnel for clients. Provides high secure, easy to integrate proxy servers

Platform : Windows

Features : 

  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac operation systems.
  • Works as HTTP-tunnel proxy.
  • High secure connections and encrypted data transfers.
  • Able to define custom personal servers.
  • Password protected servers.
  • Distributes traffic between different servers.
  • Auto GZip the responses to reduce bandwith usage.
  • Compress images option to reduce bandwidth usage.

Installation Instruction : PDF Format

Download Latest Version :
Client : ASProxyWing-Client-0.8.5.zip (591.3 kB)
Server : ASProxyWing-ServerASP.Net-0.8.5.zip (242.4 kB)
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