Trojanizer : Trojanize your payload - WinRAR (SFX) automatization.

Trojanizer : Trojanize your payload – WinRAR (SFX) automatization.


The author does not hold any responsibility about the bad use of this script, remember that attacking targets without prior concent its ilegal and punish by law, this script was build to show how resource files can automate tasks.

The Trojanizer tool uses WinRAR (SFX) to compress two files input by user, and transforms it into an SFX executable(.exe) archive. The sfx archive when executed it will run bouth files (our payload and the legit appl at the same time).

trojanizer v1.0

To make the archive less suspicious at execution time, trojanizer will replace the default icon(.ico) of the sfx file with a user-selected one, it also allow us to execute a program/command before the extraction/execution of the two files. To activate the Presetup funtion: [ settings -> PRE_SETUP=ON ]

+ Wine, Zenity and WinRAR