TorBOX V-0.1.3 – Multi-VM anonymity setup using Tor’s Transparent Proxy

TorBOX is a multi-system anonymity setup built around Tor’s Transparent Proxy. The basic idea is that Tor and clients using Tor run on two different isolated operating systems. This is the only way we know of that can protect against all client application vulnerabilities and leaks.This setup can be implemented either through virtualization or through two dedicated computers instead of VMs. Our binary distribution setup uses VirtualBox and Ubuntu as the software platform other software platforms may be used (e.g. VMware and Debian) but this is neither supported nor tested.

Changelog 2012-03-25 0.1.3 :
* improve fingerprint resistance
* introduce stream isolation features (will be automatically enabled when

Platform : Unix/Linux 
Download latest version :
Tor-Workstation-0.1.3.ova (299.9 MB) 
Tor-Gateway-0.1.3.ova (190.9 MB) 
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