TheFatRat - Backdoor Creator For Remote Access.

TheFatRat – Backdoor Creator For Remote Access.

What is FatRat ??
Easy tool for generate backdoor with msfvenom ( part of metasploit framework ) and program compiles a C program with a meterpreter reverse_tcp payload In it that can then be executed on a windows host Program to create a C program after it is compiled that will bypass most AV.TheFatRat
Automating metasploit functions:
+ Checks for metasploit service and starts if not present
+ Easily craft meterpreter reverse_tcp payloads for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac and another
+ Start multiple meterpreter reverse_tcp listners
+ Fast Search in searchsploit
+ Bypass AV
+ Drop into Msfconsole
+ Some other fun stuffmsfvenom-creator

+ Metasploit Framework
+ MinGW
This Tools/Software has been totally test in Kali Linux 2.0 & Rolling 2016.1

Download & Usage: