The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) v7.0.3 Codename: 'RemembRance'.

The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) v7.0.3 Codename: ‘RemembRance’.

Changelog v7.0.3:
+ fix for python2 to 3 on mass mailer ( latest change v7.0.3.5)
+ fix issue where set.config was not properly created before launch
+ fix return byte instead of string on generate alphanumeric shellcode
+ fix menu system for import
+ fix module reload
+ remove bleeding edge from core

Social Engineering Toolkit

Social Engineering Toolkit

DISCLAIMER: This is only for testing purposes and can only be used where strict consent has been given. Do not use this for illegal purposes, period.

The Social-Engineer Toolkit is an open-source penetration testing framework designed for social engineering. SET has a number of custom attack vectors that allow you to make a believable attack quickly. SET is a product of TrustedSec, LLC – an information security consulting firm located in Cleveland, Ohio.

1) Social-Engineering Attacks
2) Fast-Track Penetration Testing
3) Third Party Modules
4) Update the Social-Engineer Toolkit
5) Update SET configuration
6) Help, Credits, and About

99) Exit the Social-Engineer Toolkit

Supported platforms
+ Linux
+ Windows (experimental)
+ Mac OS X (partial)