The portspoof : Network spoofing Scanner tools

The portspoof program is designed to enhance OS security through emulation of legitimate service signatures on otherwise closed ports. It is meant to be a lightweight, fast, portable and secure addition to the any firewall system or security infrastructure.
The general goal of the program is to make the port scanning software (Nmap/Unicornscan/etc) process slow  and output very difficult to interpret,  thus making the attack reconnaissance phase a challenging and bothersome task.

Here is an example nmap scan result against system running portspoof:
– default scan took about 800s (instead of 20s)
– CPU usage was at 0,5%
– memory usage was at 0,5%
– one legitimate service is running on port in range of 1-65535 – all the rest is fake
– portspoof will bind only to one port

Download Version : (252 KB)
Portspoof.tar.gz (252 KB) 
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