Thad0ctor’s BT5 Toolkit – Beta

Thad0ctor’s BT5 Toolkit is designed to stream line many BT5 processes
Originally designed and focuesed as a word list creation tool, Thad0ctor’s BT5 Toolkit has become an all purpose script to simplify many Backtrack 5 functions to help Pentesters strengthen their systems.


-Recently my interest in network security and pen-testing has been increasing and with that my so has curiosity about the tools and  functionality of the Backtrack Linux Distro. To best understand Backtrack it is essential to have a solid grasp of bash scripting.  That being said, in order to best learn the ins and outs of shell scripting and the critical functions that drive Backtrack I decided to create this script to serve both as a learning experience for me and as a valuable tool for others looking to  secure their networks.

-This script was created due to a lot of hard work and free time while serving on a deployment in afghanistan.  If you enjoy this  script and want to support it do not hesitate to donate, thanks!

-This scripts requires Backtrack 5 Linux based on Ubuntu, although
it has not been tested on other DISTROS it could work
with the proper configuration

-In order to run this script you will need the following programs:

-Zenity (optional for the GTK version)
-Pyrit (for the benchmarks)
-Aircack-NG (for the benchmarks)

-System wise I would recommend a minimum of a dual core setup with
2 GB of RAM in addition to at least 50 GB of HDD space if
you plan on making some word lists.

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