tcpview (aka wirefox) V-0.2

Common network dump file analyzer tool to assemble IP flows, decode application protocols and pretty show the data. It reassembles and shows HTTP pages, SMTP/POP3/IMAP E-MAIL messages, chats and flows. Please donate to let us finish Win/Lin distribs.

Platform : Unix/Linux

Features :

  • this tool should show PCAP data in pretty-looks maner, i.e. pictures and pages for HTTP, emails, etc., allow easy content browsing
  • portable (Linux/Windows) like Wireshark,
  • standalone nice-GUI-based fast application,
  • enables Wireshark engine to decode layers 2,3,4, and may be partly 7
  • this tool should work fast with Gigabytes of data

Download Latest version : tcpview-src-0.2alpha.tgz (35.0 MB)
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