TarPyt – A web spider’s worst nightmare.

TarPyt is a Python Web tarpit, inspired by a description of a PHP equivalent called Labyrinth. It’s an automated scanner’s worst nightmare, a maze of twisty URIs, all alike.Todo
* Hide fingerprint (server header) or fake a real one
* Get a corpus of uris and build a Markov chain for paths
* Random different responses (HTTP codes, attacks, etc.)
* Base response on a hash of the request, so it’s consistent?
* Infinite redirects
* False positives for scanners: SQLi (database errors), etc.
* abstract-out the functionality to use with WSGI, FastCGI, etc.

Possible ideas for cruelty to scanners/spiders:
* Pathological-case compression (high resource use for recipient)
* Artificially slow responses
* Huge content-length headers for agents that pre-allocate storage
(may need to keep connection open, which is a negative)
* Broken markup: research edge cases for XML parsers

Download Version :
bonsaiviking-tarpyt.zip https://github.com/bonsaiviking/TarPyt/zipball/master
bonsaiviking-tarpyt.tar.gz https://github.com/bonsaiviking/TarPyt/tarball/master
Read more in here : https://github.com/bonsaiviking/TarPyt