T2-PacketSpammer : is a wifi packet injection utility.

T2-PacketSpammer : is a wifi packet injection utility.

T2-PacketSpammer Is a packet injection utility for use with mac80211 drivers. To inject frames it uses a monitor interface and uses radiotap headers to tune the wireless device per package. For details please see the kernel documentation:

2 questions for FCC testing:

1. At what dB is the wifi transmitting at? I believe this is in the boot logs where it says 0dB… Might also be useful checking the v0 core’s FCC docs and seeing what dB they are at.

2. We need to be able to send a constant stream of pins on a certain wifi channel. Task items for this are:
* Be able to set the channel. Apparently this is doable from AP modepacket-spammer


* Force it to send packets from AP mode


* Packet spammer also listens, so it might be a good way to test that the spam is working with two tessels (iwconfig wlan0 channel 2). Or listen for the packets on a specific channel using a mac
* A PR on CLI so that this can be done by one of Seeed’s test engineers. Proposal is to look something like this tessel wifi --spam --channel 2

### DB info###


also see:


### steps for packetspammer ###

clone https://github.com/tcr/t2-packetspammer

unpack https://github.com/tcr/t2-packetspammer/releases/download/binaries/binaries.tar.gz into ~/.tessel/binaries

run t2-compiler populate –target=t2 (this should NOT build, only populate from the binaries folder) or t2-compile populate –target=vm if you’re doing VM dev

cd t2-packetspammer
t2 run index.js

Download : binaries.tar.gz (496 KB)  | Clone Url
Source : https://github.com/tcr