Swift.nV released : is a vulnerable iOS “secret keeper” application.

Swift.nV is a vulnerable iOS “secret keeper” application. It is intended as a security training tool instructing Swift developers on common mobile application vulnerabilities, how they are found, and how to prevent them.


Swift.nV has currently been tested using:
XCode 6 beta6
iOS Simulator
– iPhone 4/5/5s
– iPad 2/Air/Retina
– iOS 8.0
Ruby + Sinatra (for the backend web service)
Required Ruby Gems:
– sinatra, dm-core, dm-timestamps, dm-migrations, dm-serializer, bcrypt

– Open up the Swift.nV.xcodeproj using XCode 6 beta6
– Start the Sinatra backend web service:
– In the api directory run “ruby api.rb”
– This service should run on localhost ( port 4567
– Click the Run icon after selecting one of the iOS Simulator targets
– If the build fails with linker errors, remove the Swift.nV-* directories in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

How to Use :
– Click ‘register’ on the initial log on screen to setup a user.
– Login with the registered user
– Add secrets

– Located within the API at http://localhost:4567/tutorial

Download here: Swift.nV-master.zip (652 KB)
Clone Git
Source: Swift.nV