StalkPhish - The Phishing kits stalker.

StalkPhish – The Phishing kits stalker.

The author does not hold any responsibility about the bad use of this script, remember that attacking targets without prior concent its ilegal and punish by law, this script was build to show how resource files can automate tasks.

StalkPhish is a tool created for searching into free OSINT databases for specific phishing kits URL. More, StalkPhish is designed to try finding phishing kits sources. Some scammers can’t or don’t remove their phishing kit sources when they deploy it. You can try to find these sources to extract some useful information as: e-mail addresses where is send stolen data, some more information about scammer or phishing kit developer. From there you can extend your knowledge about the threat and organizations, and get much useful information for your investigations.

stalkphish v0.9

+ find URL where a phishing kit is deployed (from OSINT databases)
+ find if the phishing kit is still up and running
+ try to download phishing kit sources
+ use a hash of the phishing kit archive to identify the kit and threat
+ use timestamps for history
+ can use HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy (for downloading)

OSINT modules
– search API
– search web crawler
– Phishtank free OSINT feed
– Openphish free OSINT feed

– Python 3
– requests
– PySocks