SpookFlare - a tools for bypass security measures.

SpookFlare – a tools for bypass security measures.

SpookFlare and technique for use in penetration tests, red team engagements and it is purely educational. Please use with responsibility

SpookFlare has a different perspective to bypass security measures and it gives you the opportunity to bypass the endpoint countermeasures at the client-side detection and network-side detection. SpookFlare is a loader generator for Meterpreter Reverse HTTP and HTTPS stages. SpookFlare has custom encrypter with string obfuscation and run-time code compilation features so you can bypass the countermeasures of the target systems like a boss until they “learn” the technique and behavior of SpookFlare payloads.
+ Obfuscation
+ Runtime Code Compiling
+ Source Code Encryption
+ Patched Meterpreter Stage Support


– Visual Studio