SonicLog Cruncher

Perl logfile analyzer for DELL Sonicwall Firewall logfiles. This Perl program (Windows /Linux / Mac), creates an HTML file containing: hits per protocol, mean, median and variance on hourly and weekday basis, RBL statistics, IPS stats, VPN stats, virus stats, surfing statistics, CFS blocked sites stats.
  • Sonicwall Cruncher is a logfile analyzer for DELL Sonicwall Firewalls. It is written in Perl and must be executed on CLI.
  • It will create a HTML file containing some statistics, including surfed sites, VPN connections, IPS attacks, AF alarms…
  • calculates mean, median and variance for in- and outgoing traffic
  • Perfomance: The script should analyze about 10000 to 50000 lines/sec
  • Works with Sonicwall NSA , TZ and Pro series.

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