soap UI V-4.5.0 Beta

soapUI is the leading desktop application for inspecting, invoking, monitoring, simulating/mocking as well as functional testing, security testing, load testing, compliance testing and surveillance testing of REST/WADL and SOAP/WSDL-based Web Service

Features : 

  • Functional Testing
  • Web Service Simulation
  • Web Service Testing
  • Security Testing
  • REST Testing
  • JMS Testing
  • JDBC Testing
  • AMF Testing
  • Load Testing
  • POX Testing
  • Code Generation

Some of the things that have been fixed or improved from BETA 1 in soapUI is:

  • Adding the TestOnDemand feature, so you can test your API from a location outside your own, via SmartBear’s cloud.
  • Usability on the Mac. Things should run a bit smoother now.
  • The XML editor has been greatly improved by adding code-completion, folding structure, and fixing a bug where you couldn’t write special characters.
  • The Beta Feedback Form on the starterpage of soapUI, which allows you to quickly report any bugs or improvement ideas you discover.
  • Any feedback about how you are experiencing the BETA version of this release is greatly appreciated, and you can contact us at the forums here. As you read above, we’ve also added the ability to give us beta feedback directly inside soapUI. Instead of the regular starter page you’ll now see a form which you can use to send us bug discoveries, improvement ideas, or any other thoughts about the Beta version you might have.

Platform : windows, Mac OS & Unix/Linux

Download latest Version : soapUI-x32-4_5_0-Beta1.exe (118.1 MB) 
Mac Os : soapUI-4_5_0.dmg (115.0 MB)
Linux : soapui-4.5.0-src.tar.gz (2.7 MB)
Windows 32 bit : soapUI-x32-4_5_0.exe (122.3 MB)
Windows 64 Bit : soapUI-x64-4_5_0.exe (122.7 MB)
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