Snez v1.3.1 – Intrusion Detection System web App.

SNĒZ is a web interface to the popular open source IDS program SNORT® . The main design feature of SNĒZ is the ability to filter (or dismiss) alerts without having to delete.
SNORT® is a registered trademark of Sourcefire, Inc. All rights reserved.


While SNEZ is tested with web vulnerability scanners, do not allow SNEZ to be accessed from the Internet
or an untrusted or insecure network.

Snort, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
When configuring Snort, output type must be MySQL or barnyard2 to MySQL.

NEW INSTALL (See below for upgrades)

Create SNEZ database and install package-
1. mkdir /opt/SNEZ
2. cd /opt/SNEZ
3. cp [download location]/SNEZ-[ver].[rel].tar.gz ./
4. tar -xzvf SNEZ-[ver].[rel].tar.gz
5. cd SNEZ-[ver].[rel]
6. ./SNEZcreate or bash SNEZcreate (This will create and populate your SNEZ db.
Supply password for root@localhost when prompted;
then supply a password for access to your SNEZ DB when prompted.
You will enter this password in the config file in the next step).
7. vi ./SNEZconfig.php. Add the SNEZ database password selected in the previous step to the line
Modify other parameters as needed, especially your sniffer interface (See CONFIG FILE later in the README)
8. ./SNEZinstall or bash SNEZinstall

Create logins-
1. In a browser- http://[ip address of server]/SNEZ/SNEZlogin.php
2. Login as ‘admin’ using password of ‘admin’
3. Click on the Admin Functions link and add an administrator
that can add users (be sure to check the box)
4. From the browser, log off and log on with the new administrator id from step 3.
5. Go to Admin Functions and delete user admin.

Platform : Linux
Download Latest Version : SNEZ-1.3.1.tar.gz (11.6 MB)
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