slurp - S3 bucket enumeration.

slurp – S3 bucket enumeration.

slurp is an Enumerates S3 buckets manually or via certstream
+ Written in Go:
+-+ It’s faster than python
+-+ No dependency hell and version locks (ie python 3 and requirements.txt, etc)
+-+ Better concurrency
+-+ Punycode support for internationalized domains (S3 doesn’t allow internationalized buckets; so this app just notifies and skips (certstream) or exits (manual mode))
+ Manual mode so that you can test individual domains.
+ Certstream mode so that you can enumerate s3 buckets in real time.
+ Colorized output for visual grep 😉
+ Currently generates over 400 permutations per domain
+ StoreInDB which will eventually be used to push data to a database
+ Strong copyleft license


Use and build: