skzproxy - A proxy, packet sender and fuzzer.

skzproxy – A proxy, packet sender and fuzzer.

skzproxy is an Proxy built out from the Black Hat Python proxy with a flexible packet editor and byte fuzzer.

So this is a program based on the proxy from the excellent Black Hat Python book.
Unfortunately, the book, while it left in functions for the user to modify packets, it never went back and filled in those functions.



This is actually the more heavily used part of the system. While the proxy is limited to interacting with the current packet stream, bitsender allows a user to send customized bytes to the target.
You can run the bitsender without any parameters – # and set the target via the T command. OR you can specify a target ip on the command line as such: python 8080

Bitsender has a built in fuzzer. It’s basic, with no real intelligence (yet) and only a bare bones output system (but it does include a nifty progress bar!).

+ All Linux/Unix, MAC OSX and WIndows Support

Usage and download from git: