shellforge - A Simple Linux Execve Payload generator.

shellforge – A Simple Linux Execve Payload generator.

Shellforge is a simple python script for shellcoders that generates shellcode via a fully editable .asm file, with access to the .o and raw executable as well. It’s a perfect tool to quickly generate a quick and dirty execve shellcode as a starting point for your payload, and it conveniently avoids null-bytes by default. Requires nasm and ld to be installed on the host machine. Written and tested on Ubuntu, Mint and Kali Linux.

What came in the most recent changes?
Shellforge added options to add all the arguments you want, of whatever length you need. Currently, due to the limited number of registers, it doesn’t support more than four arguments in addition to the command itself. It also puts everything in a folder named “shellforge_NAME”, where you specify the NAME.

+ All Linux OS Support
+ Python 2.7.x
+ nasm, dbg