SFT (Safari Forensic Tools) v1.1.5 released

SFT (Safari Forensic Tools) is an assortment of command line utilities to analyze files associated with the Safari web browser. SFT is written in Objective-C and will compile on Linux and Windows (w/GNUStep) and OSX.

The SFT package contains the following utilities:ToolDescription : 
safari_bm:: Safari Bookmarks.plist file parser
safari_cookie_bin :: Safari Cookies.BinaryCookies parser
safari_cookies:: Safari Cookies.plist parser
safari_downlaods :: Safari Downloads.plist parser
safari_hist:: Safari History.plist parser
safari_icon.pl :: Safari icon.db/WebpageIcons.db parser
safari_top:: Safari TopSites.plist parser
safari_wincache.pl :: Safari Cache.db parser
last_session :: Safari LastSession.plist parser
pref_parser :: General purpose plist parser

Download Version: 
Unix/Linux : SFT-1.1.5.tar.gz (29.1 kB)
Windows : SFT-1.1.5-WIN.zip (18.6 MB)
Debian : sft-1.1.5.deb (1.3 MB)
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