ServerArk – Linux game server UDP flood analyzer and protector.

ServerArk is a application for Linux gaming servers that samples and analyzes incoming UDP packets at the kernel level in real time to determine if any packets are part of a UDP flood attack. Flood attacks on gaming servers are typically designed to make the players on the server lag to the point where the game is not playable. It can even crash some game servers.ServerArk automatically detects when a UDP flood attack occurs and uses kernel-level iptables rules to dynamically block those packets from being processed by the game server at all. It essentially lifts the game server “above the flood” and allows the game to still be playable, even under very heavy attacks.It can be run interactively with a high level of verbosity (to watch its logic in action), or it can be run unobtrusively as a daemon with output to daily log files (typical usage)..

Platform : Unix/Linux
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