scutum - Linux ARP (TCP/IP / UDP / ICMP) Firewall Automatic Controller.

scutum – Linux ARP (TCP/IP / UDP / ICMP) Firewall Automatic Controller.

SCUTUM is an ARP firewall that prevents your computer from being ARP-spoofed by other computers on LAN. SCUTUM controls “arptables” in your computer so it accepts ARP packets only from the gateway. This way, when people with malicious intentions cannot spoof your arp table. SCUTUM also prevents other people from detecting your device on LAN if SCUTUM is used with properly configured TCP/UDP firewall.

SCUTUM is also capable of handling tcp/udp/icmp traffic with iptables. You can choose to enable this feature during installation. However, a more professional firewall controller like UFW is recommended. They can handle traffic with more precision.

scutum v2.5.1

Current Version 2.5.1 Change log:
1. Interfaces are now controlled by a new interface controller class
2. SCUTUM GUI is now avaliable for testing

– Finish up developing a stable version for SCUTUM GUI

Recent Changes:
+ Added option to choose whether to delete the installer file after installation
+ Fixed arptables detection errors on some Linux distributions
+ Fixed some bugs that is unnoticeable 😀
+ Added installation wizard for avalon framework when not installed. supports 3 methods of automatic installation
+ Added arptables detection and installation wizard
+ Added enable / disable / start option

Usage and Install:

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