Scrapper for Realtime Attacks and Malware Spread Data.

Scrapper for Realtime Attacks and Malware Spread Data.

This repository contain scrapper for collecting Real-time Attacks and Malware Spread Data provided by Norse Corp, Check Point Software Technologies, Malwarebytes, Fortinet, and LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc. These scrapers are made for educational purposes only.
How to Use
1. These are Python 3 scripts, so Python 3 must be installed before running these scripts.
2. Install the dependencies written in the requirements.txt file prior to running the scripts. Either install each of them manually or simply run pip install -r requirements.txt for an automated install of all the dependencies.
3. Run the scripts.

Scrapers for Realtime Attacks and Malware Spread Data

Some useful notes:
These scrapers will print as well as create CSV files on your local system containing the scraped data. A new file is created for a new day i.e. separate files are created for separate days. This segregates the data date-wise. The timezone being used is UTC. E.g. if the date is January 10, 2017, a file with filename checkpoint_dump_2017-01-10 will be created and this file will contain the scraped data for this day. Now, the date becomes January 11, 2017 i.e. the next day; a file with name checkpoint_dump_2017-01-11 will be created, containing the data for this day.

Use and Download: