Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser is a webbrowser-environment to carry out online-exams safely. The software changes any computer into a secure workstation. It regulates the access to any utilities and prevents students from using unauthorised resources.


  • Webbrowser-environment to carry out online-exams safely
  • Fullscreen mode (without any navigation elements)
  • Disables shortcuts as CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+F4 and various system features (program switcher, process manager etc.) which should not be available during an exam
  • Prevents students from surfing the internet during an exam
  • Integration for learning management systems ILIAS and Moodle
  • Possibility to permit additional external applications
  • Now supports Windows XP, Windows 7 (including SP 1), Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7
  • New feature on both platforms: Detection if SEB is running on a virtual machine
  • SEB 1.7 easens the configuration and deployment for the teacher. It is now possible to modify the configuration files before rather than after installation, so the students can directly install SEB without patching it by additional configuration files after installation. Also, an Administrative Install via network is now possible. Downloading a zip file, as in former SEB versions up to 1.4.1.
  • SEB MacOSX 1.5 supports additional browser windows and improves integrity of the SEB environment by elevating all SEB windows on a higher windows level, improving suppression of other applications opening alert windows, requesting to become active and switch to foreground. New security features include clearing the clipboard, preventing screenshots, blocking browsing forward/backward, preventing possible security holes in Flash content, easening the upload of files edited in third party applications and offering fine grade settings for opening and blocking links in new browser windows.
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