RTAI-XML – Beta [Test and Measurement]

RTAI-XML is a server component of the Real Time Application Interface (RTAI) project, implementing a service oriented way to design and develop Real Time (RT) control applications.

RealTime Suite is a collection of programs and projects to install a full working Linux system, patched for real time operations using RTAI, packaged with RTAI-Lab toolchain and RTAI-XML.

Architecture : 
RTAI-XML provides a remoting approach to RT control applications design, based on XML abstraction layer. The aim of RTAI-XML is thus to obtain a structure like in the picture, where the Real-Time control process (the Target) and the user interaction related procedures (the Host) run independently, typically on two different CPUs, communicating over the network (Internet).

For Installation :
– Machine Setup
– Your First Target

JRTAILab is a Java Applet implementing a generic client for RTAI-XML. This project has been inspired by the xrtailab graphical interface and so far it only implements some of its functionalities, in order to show the RTAI-XML phylosophy at work. Download jRtaiLab-1.2.0.jar


Download Latest Version : rtaixml-1.0.tar.gz (715.2 kB)
Find other version | read more in here : http://www.rtaixml.net/