RSPET v0.2.7 - Reverse Shell and Post Exploitation Tool.

RSPET v0.2.7 – Reverse Shell and Post Exploitation Tool.

Latest changelog rspet v0.2.7 24/10/2016:
+ Add installation of flask-cors.
+; Add CORS support.
+; Explicitly make hostname and sys type to string .
+ Added client OS and hostname info.
+ server plugins; Add System Type and Hostname in List_Hosts.

rspet v0.2.7

rspet v0.2.7

RSPET - Server

RSPET – Server

RSPET (Reverse Shell and Post Exploitation Tool) is a Python based reverse shell equipped with functionalities that assist in a post exploitation scenario.

DISCLAIMER: This software is provided for educational purposes and as a proof of concept. The developer(s) do not endorse, incite or in any other way support unauthorised computer access and networks disruption.

NOTE : As of v0.0.3 folder min has been added. Since the new version has many more features not essential to the main functionality (a reverse shell that is), min will not recieve any more features beyond v0.0.3 and will only get bug and performance related fixes.


* Remote Command Execution
* Trafic masking (XORed instead of cleartext); for better results use port 443[1]
* Built-in File/Binary transfer (both ways) over the masked traffic
* Built-in UDP Flooding tool
* Built-in UDP Spoofing tool[2]
* Multiple/All Hosts management; order File/Binary transfer and UDP Flood from Multiple/All connected Hosts
* Modular Code Design to allow easy customization
* Client script is tested and is compatible with PyInstaller (can be made into .exe)[3]
* Full server side plug-in support.[4]
* RESTful API for the Server Module.

Usage is very simple, just:

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