Rooty v-10.1 released : libpcap based ICMP encrypted backdoor for linux.

Change version 10.1:
– Allow overriding default interface on FreeBSD and update metasploit module for commands
– Adding FreeBSD binaries
– Initial windows port

Rooty based idea from SilentDoor  ; PCAP-based backdoor for linux that uses packet sniffing to bypass netfilter. It sniffs for UDP packets on port 53, runs each packet against a decryption scheme, if the packet validates than it runs a command. Can be masked to look like any other process. Remote command utility included.
Also includes the ability to send shellcode for execution and a connectionless shell functionality

+ To build, you only need to have libpcap development files installed.
+ Then you should only have to run make.
+ To make a debug build with error message run: make debug
+ If you have upx installed and would liked a packed version: make upx

Now requires for shellcode injection into other processes.

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