RHAPIS - Network Intrusion Detection Systems Simulator.

RHAPIS – Network Intrusion Detection Systems Simulator.

RHAPIS is an Network Intrusion Detection Systems Simulator, it can detect DOS,XSS,RFI,SQL,SHELL,REMBUFF,MALWARE,BRUTE,ARP,CSRF,MASQUERADE,PROBE,HIJACK.
Type HELP in the console in order to see the available commands. RHAPIS is written in Lua language. You need to have installed Lua in order to run RHAPIS.
The first commands that you must enter in order to install a virtual network intrusion detection system are the following:
– SET NETIP1 [ip address], basic address of network in which NIDS is installed (network counters are 1-6).
– SET HOSTIP1 [ip address], address of a host inside NIDS (host counters are 1-6).
– INCLUDE config, loads a random configuration file
– INCLUDE ruleset, reads a set of rules that will be identified by the intrusion detection system
Now you have activated detectability.


In order your attacks to be recognized by the intrusion detection system, you need to attack hosts that are part of the established network intrusion detection system.
For example:

+ Lua Language
+ all Operating System Support


Source: https://github.com/fsiamp