RFCrack - A Software Defined Radio Attack Tool.

RFCrack – A Software Defined Radio Attack Tool.

RFCrack is RF(Radio frequency) test bench, it was developed for testing RF communications between any physical device that communicates over sub Ghz frequencies. IoT devices, Cars, Alarm Systems etc…

Testing was done with the Yardstick One on OSX, but RFCrack should work fine in linux. Support for other RF related testing will be added as needed in my testing. its currently researching keyless Entry bypasses. Keyless entry functionality will be added in the future with additional hardware requirements for advanced attacks.


+ Python 2.7.x
+ rfcat https://github.com/atlas0fd00m/rfcat
+ python-usb

Other Notes:
Captures get saved to ./files directory by default!

Rolling code is hit or miss due to its nature with jamming and sniffing at the same time, but it works. Just use the keyfob near the yardsticks. It will also require 2 yardsticks, one for sniffing while the other one is jamming.

Usage and Install dependencies:

Source: https://github.com/cclabsInc