Raven - Linkedin information gathering tool.

Raven – Linkedin information gathering tool.

Please do not use this program to do stupid things. The author does not keep any responsability of what damage has been done by this program. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

raven is a Linkedin information gathering tool that can be used by pentesters to gather information about an organization employees using Linkedin.
+ Automatically check found emails in haveibeenpwned.com
+ Output in CSV format (For using with GoPhish)

raven v0.2

Tool Internals
– The tool actually is a scrapper that works with selenium. It uses a google dork to extract the LinkedIn url’s and then it exctracts data from them. As you may know Linkedin has different subdomains for country-s.

The state parameter is actually the subdomain of the LinkedIn website.

+ Python 2.7.x and beautifulsoup4, requests, selenium, tabulate, pyvirtualdisplay python2 library.
+ xvfb

Use and Download:

Source: https://github.com/0x09AL