Raptor Web Applications Firewall v0.4.

Raptor Web Applications Firewall v0.4.

Raptor is a Open Source Tool, your focus is study of attacks and find intelligent ways to block attacks.
How it works ?
+ Raptor is very simple, have three layers reverse proxy, blacklist and Match(using deterministic finite automaton).
+ Proxy using the select() function to check multiple sockets, at the future change to use libevent(signal based is very fast)
+ If someone send a request, Raptor do address analysis…Address blacklisted ? block !

Raptor Web Application Firewall v0.04

WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. It is widely used nowadays to detect and defend SQL Injections and XSS.
• You can block XSS, SQL injection attacks and path traversal with Raptor
• You can use blacklist of IPs to block some users at config/blacklist ip.txt
• You can use IPv6 and IPv4 at communications
• At the future DoS protector, request limit, rule interpreter and Malware detector at uploads.
• At the future SSL/TLS…

Changelog Raptor v0.4:
+ improve memory erase
+ add simple match list and 3 diferent algorithms to match.
+ Update Raptor.c
+ fix bug at argv

• Need ”GCC” and ”make”
• Current version tested only in Linux.
Usage and Download from source:

Download: 0.4.zip  | 0.4.tar.gz
Source: https://github.com/CoolerVoid