radare2 v1.1.0 codename: preccc - reverse engineering framework and commandline tools.

radare2 v1.1.0 codename: preccc – reverse engineering framework and commandline tools.

Changelog radare2 v1.1.0 19/12/2016:
* New commands:
+ fla to automatically compute the size of all flags matching glob
+ pdC to show comments found in N instructions
+ pir is like ‘pdr’ but with ‘pI’ output
+ dmS for listing sections of mapped libraries
+ ?* recursive help
+ ~?. counts chars

* New variables
+ $fl to get the flag length (size) at current address. It’s equivalent to fla; pD $l @ entry0
+ Add autocompletion after @
+ Implement scr.breakword, to stops the console’s output upon a particular word.
+ Add $fl in the ?$? help
+ The embeded documentation has been reviewed and improved
+ Implement bin.debase64 and RABIN2_DEBASE64 in RBin for r2 and rabin2

* rarun2
+ Support backticks as an alias for !
+ Added pseudo tty for listen and connect

* Android
+ Refactoring of the DEX handling code
+ Dalvik analysis and bin parsing enhancements
+ ESIL support for Dalvik

* File format
+ Optimize the process of loading fat binaries
+ Add: Initial support for bFLT v4 (uclinux)
+ Add support for ARM64 PE binaries
+ handle more data sections in objc mach files

* Build system
+ Several useless ./sys/*.sh scripts have been removed
+ Improve Mingw32 build script

* Analysis
+ Honor hints in disasm, anal and emulation
+ fix djnz jump target miscalculation
+ Set ATmega8 MCU by default
+ Fix issue with noreturn analysis
+ Move relocs to the fake virtual address
+ Fixed fcnline issues
+ Various ESIL improvements for a lot of architectures
+ Adds a lot of different function signatures, for every major (and some minor) operating system
+ The DWARF parsing and display speed has been multiplied by 120.
+ Some misc fixes for libmagic
+ Add a syscalls flagspace for aae
+ Properly deinitialize the anal.trace after afta

* Debugger and tracer
+ Add option to stop syscall tracing -before- the syscall is executed
+ Register handling refactored and add SN in all reg profiles
+ Autoset swstep in more targets

* Architectures
+ Greatly improves AVR support
+ Fixes for z80, x86, arm, dalvik and others

* Assemblers
+ values that can be expressed with 4 bits care outputted with shorter instructions.
+ Initial support of linux-arm-32 for ragg2-cc
+ Added spp as a preprocessor for rasm2

radare2 v1.1.0

radare2 web UI

radare2 web UI

+ axg to get a graph of the function xrefs to reach a specific point.

radare2 Codename: solid chair society

radare2 Codename: solid chair society

r2 is a rewrite from scratch of radare in order to provide a set of libraries and tools to work with binary files.
Radare project started as a forensics tool, an scriptable commandline hexadecimal editor able to open disk files, but later support for analyzing binaries, disassembling code, debugging programs, attaching to remote gdb servers, ..

radare2 is portable.
+ Architectures:
6502, 8051, CRIS, H8/300, LH5801, T8200, arc, arm, avr, bf, blackfin, csr, dalvik, dcpu16, gameboy, i386, i4004, i8080, m68k, malbolge, mips, msil, msp430, nios II, powerpc, rar, sh, snes, sparc, tms320 (c54x c55x c55+), V810, x86-64, zimg, risc-v.

+ File Formats:
bios, CGC, dex, elf, elf64, filesystem, java, fatmach0, mach0, mach0-64, MZ, PE, PE+, TE, COFF, plan9, dyldcache, Commodore VICE emulator, Game Boy (Advance), Nintendo DS ROMs and Nintendo 3DS FIRMs.

+Operating Systems:
Android, GNU/Linux, [Net|Free|Open]BSD, iOS, OSX, QNX, w32, w64, Solaris, Haiku, FirefoxOS

+ Bindings:
Vala/Genie, Python (2, 3), NodeJS, LUA, Go, Perl, Guile, php5, newlisp, Ruby, Java, OCAML, …

– radare2 can be built without any special dependency, just use make and get a working toolchain (gcc, clang, tcc, ..)
– Optionally you can use libewf for loading EnCase disk images.
– To build the bindings you need latest valabind, g++ and swig2.

installationon All Linux and Mac OSX:

Download: 1.1.0.tar.gz
Source: http://www.radare.org/ | Our Post Before