QP State Machine Frameworks

Small RTOS-like frameworks for building embedded software as systems of concurrent, event-driven UML state machines in C or C++. Ported to many MCUs (ARM Cortex-M3/M0, MSP430…) and OSs (Linux, Win32…). Supported by free QM graphical UML tool.


  • QP frameworks are now supported by the free QM graphical UML tool

Supported Operating Systems/RTOSs
The QP/C and QP/C++ frameworks can also work on top of conventional
operating systems/RTOSs. Currently supported OSs/RTOSs are:

* Linux (POSIX)
* Windows / WindowsCE (Microsoft)
* VxWorks (Wind River)
* ThreadX (Express Logic)
* FreeRTOS.org (Richard Barry)
* µC/OS-II (Micrium)
* eCos

Download Latest Version : qpc_4.4.01.exe (17.9 MB) | qpc_4.4.01.zip 
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